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The Short & Nice Story of how Freak-i$h Came to be.

Okay so let’s back up to February 2019. When I dropped out of college because I had gotten in a car accident that gave me a concussion so bad I couldn’t continue with school. I was modeling. I spent a lot of time around clothes and makeup and stylists and cameras and lights. And I loved it. Until I didn’t. And one shitty day I laid on the floor of the fashion closet in a studio and took comfort in all of the beautiful clothes. And in that moment of anxiety and anger, I had a realization. I wanted to make clothes. I wanted to design and create and direct, way more than I wanted to be a pretty face in front of a camera.

I was in a very bad place in my life, and in a way, I think Freak-i$h saved me. I don’t know if it was ever truly meant to be Freak-i$h. It all started with the idea to make a dress shirt look like streetwear. [Check out the Freak-i$h Orig. piece in the catalog]. The idea continued to evolve and I decided to go to my local thrift store to find my fabric, a.k.a old clothes no one wanted anymore. It was the easiest way for me to teach myself to make clothing. I pinned it all together to make it look nice and left it to hang. My dear boyfriend bought me a sewing machine, and that is when the line really took off.

Creating product was the easiest way for me to get my mind off of the world around me. I go to all sorts of thrift stores, vintage stores, and second-hand stores to find all of the base material. I bring it home, wash it all really good, make it smell pretty. And then I begin. No sketching, just hands on creating. Ripping seams, re-sewing them, making shirts out of pants. I let the weirdest ideas come to life right in front of my eyes. There is some similarity in some pieces, as some ideas inspire new ones. I just let my creativity run wild and chose to just let it flow. This process gave me a new sense of peace I am eternally grateful for.

Freak-i$h has no net waste. I felt the company needed to be making strides to be better in every aspect we could. I made this company to also inspire young girls and women to be confident people who don’t give a fuck about what others think. Those were the two morals I chose to build the base foundation of my company.

I had no professional training. There isn’t investors and buyers pushing this product to the world. It’s just me. Emelia. Sharing my story and sharing my style. I have no idea what is next for Freak-i$h, or what is in store for the future. What I do know is I love this company and I am going to continue to push and grow forever. There is no end for Freak-i$h. It will continue to evolve and become whatever it may be. I am very excited to see this journey. And I thank you tons for wanting to be apart of it.

So there is a little piece of me, for you. There is the short, nice version of how Freak-i$h came to be.




Creator of Freak-i$h

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